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Lárome Slimming SERUM

  • Break down fat
  • No more scars Beautify the skin
  • No more stomach problems
  • Remove cellulite Skin Leveling
  • No longer ''broken'' stomach

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L’arome slimming SERUM, a proven formula to reduce fats fast & effectively, seen even within a week.

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DW DOME Spawn Hormone

How to make fish spawn


How do most fish farmers to get the fish to spawn as if they were in the wild? There are 3 main key methods which involves one form of manipulation of either of the following factors: •of temperatures, •light intensity and •hormone injections.


One of the main process involved in using hormone injections to get your fish to spawn.


We manufacture and sell fish breeding hormones of brand DW super 2000 series. For more information click here